It all began in seventies.   Bob was a paramedic for the City of Austin back then. On his days off, he spent a good deal of time on Lake Travis.  After over-hearing the oft repeated pleas for food from boaters at a marina, Bob asked the owner if he wouldn't mind allowing him to set up a grill and serve hamburgers.  The owner happily agreed and Bob found himself with a new part time job.  The success of this small-time venture led Bob to consider opening up a restaurant of his own, and in the summer of 1979 such an opportunity presented itself.

  Come Say Hello to a Place                  That Never Changes

For those who have made Bob's Catfish-N-More a home of their own, we would like to say THANK YOU!  For those who have yet to visit, please come try us out and we believe that you too will agree that Bob's Catfish-N-More is one of the greatest paces to dine in Georgetown.‚Äč
While helping his father-in-law relocate to Georgetown, the two stopped into a local catfish restaurant in the park.  After conversing  with the owner of the restaurant, Bob's interest in the restaurant business became known, and the owner replied,
"Well, I'll sell you this one!"
So, in September of 1979, Bob and his wife, Susan, took ownership.  Though he never went to culinary school, and never particularly cared to fish, Bob served the best tasting catfish, seafood, and more in this area. And, he still does to this day!  
There's a reason why Bob's Catfish-N-More is Georgetown's oldest family-owned restaurant and is still as popular as it was four decades ago.  "We serve great food!"  
But Bob's has become more than just a great place to dine.  Bob's is one of Georgetown's most beloved landmarks - a place where old friends still gather together weekly, where families still huddle together and pray, and where the rapid, ever-changing pace of life seems to fade into a friendly, not-so-forgotten past.   

We Look Forward To Seeing you Soon!